Xbox Inside and Takeoff studio

Fresh news from Xbox! During their monthly show ‘Xbox inside’ that aired on September 24th, Rukizzel, Kateyeager and Major Nelson unveiled Xbox’s upcoming games.

The major news

  • First and foremost the show started with a big focus on ‘Atlas’ the Pirate MMO survival game. Atlas’ lead designer was invited to explain how it was a different game than Sea of thieves for example. Already out on steam since 2018, the game will launch in early access on October 8th and will support cross platform between Xbox and PC. Shortly after its release on Xbox One the game will have updates to correct any bug. A big focus for a game that did not become too popular to the PC players.
  • The United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom are the first lucky ones to experiment the xCloud projet. Starting in October Xbox is launching its new cloud gaming project.

TakeOff’s work on Xbox’s upcoming projects

Yes we did it again, we are also writing this article because TakeOff is once again involved in some projects.

Launching on September 27th Code Vein is Bandai Namco’s newest game. The game is taking place in a post apocalyptic dystopia where anime vampire fight each other over blood supplies. To tease Xbox’s fan, Inside Xbox revealed this trailer during their show where, we follow Blade Bearer’s adventure and notice a new character name ‘Cannoneer’.

Our mission there, was to edit the video trailer and support Bandai Namco with different digital assets for the promotion of the game.

Check out our Instagram for the trailer of the game @takeoff_creativestudios

To continue with our work with Bandai Namco, Xbox also announced a new trailer of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. This trailer is meant to showcase the latest DLC Operation Sighthound available since September 25th. It is an  opportunity for us to display what we did previously for the game Ace Combat. For the release of the strangereal edition of Ace Combat 7 we produced some custom controllers, artbook, badges and designed the box of the collector Edition. We wanted to thank Bandai Namco for trusting us and we are looking forward the future.



Finally a Hitman 2 DLC ‘Haven island’ is available for Hitman’s fans. The latter propels the players to the warm beaches of the tropical paradise of the Maldives, in the wake of the previous mission. Bringing an exciting conclusion to the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass. We are glad to see a game still getting some love from the community where we worked on by doing a collector Edition packaged in a beautifully-designed steelcase, housed in a limited-edition Agent 47-style replica gun case. The stylish briefcase, embossed with the Hitman logo, contained an Agent 47 bullet keyring, signature coin, and Agent 47’s notorious rubber duck.

A link to our work:

And for the influencer kit:

To conclude this article the rest of the broadcast team gave some minors informations about games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Felix The Reaper, Afterparty, Dayz Livonia and Children of Morta but sadly nothing about the next gen console or big Xbox exclusivity. The community seems to be very sceptical about this month inside, but how do you feel ?



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