GEARS OF WAR 5 Release day


Already available since September 6th for Xbox Ultimate Games Pass subscribers, the fifth episode of the main series Gears Of War is expected to release on September 10th 2019. The game developed by ‘The Coalition’ and edited by Xbox Games Studios should be one of the most hyped game until the end of the year for Xbox users.



Even if a worldwide release date is set for Gears Of War 5, it seems like the game won’t be available in China anytime soon. According to the developers “There is a specific issue with the Gears Of War 5 release in China preventing people from accessing the complete game. 

Unfortunately, this issue means we have to suspend future sales and pre-orders, as well as the game’s release, in china at this time” 

The reasons are not very clear but we can imagine that the game is not passing through the censorship in China and that developers are actively working on it. Chinese players will surely see a version of this opus but also surely a different one.



After the first trailers being released at E3 we got to know more about the game at Gamescom 2019 last August. With ‘Kait Unleashed’ it seems pretty clear now that Kait Diaz is going to be the main character of this opus. From what we’ve seen so far, the story this time should be around Kate’s family shady past. With headaches leading to flashbacks, Kate holding the Locust medallion and the following question ‘When the blood on your hands runs in your veins, who will you die for?’ written, this could be a hint for a comeback of the Locust Queen.



This new game type is a cooperative mode for three players. The basis of the game is simple, three players are dropped into a Hive, they are asked to go through the hive and are tasked to clear the Locust presence inside it by locking them up and releasing a poisonous gas. This game mode really wants the players to play as a team which is why each character has a special and unique ability. To be simple one character will provide a shield for the team, the second will provide ammo for him and his teammates and finally the third character has an electric blade that stuns and damages the enemies. 

Gears Of War 5 is also introducing a skilled level up system that will allows you to unlock more choice in weapons and skills.Another cool feature of the mode is the possibility for the players to create their own map with a 2D map builder and then import them into the game.Either online or locally via a split screen, Gears of War lovers and creative players won’t have the time to be bored.



In a recent video posted on their youtube channel, Gears Of War developers informed us of four things we need to know about this year mode.

  • Two teams of five players are facing each other on a map for three strategic points represented by circles. Each strategic point controlled by a team is rewarding the team with one point every second. Round ends when one team hit the score of 250 points or instantly if they control the three points simultaneously. The game is a best of thirteen therefore the first team to win seven rounds win the game. After every round new weapons are placed on the battlefield and players respawn times get shorter.
  • Gears Of War introduce a system of limited lives per players. Each one of the players starts with 5 lives per round, the players can decide when they want to respawn but if they use their five lives within the round they cannot respawn until the start of the next one. With only one life added at the end of each round and five at halftime every respawn needs to be thought about it. 
  • After each round both teams are able to change the fight by choosing to place a weapon, upgrade one, activate a new loadout option or disable an enemy weapon for three rounds. 
  • A new spawn formation is designed to add more strategy into the game. The front three starts much much further forwards while the back two are the only ones who start with smokes or flash grenades. If you want to equip your front row with support grenade you need to invest points, therefore points that won’t be invest to upgrading weapons. With so many ways to spend earned points either in guns, grenades or choosing a good location for your weapons, the team with the better counterpicks and the best strategy should be rewarded with the win.



  • From what has been shown to the public, Gears of War 5 environment is much more improved than the previous versions. Whether on an ice-covered lake surrounded by mountains or in a red dessert the players will have many quests available, objectives, new weapons or collectibles, which should be enough to keep the players busy.
  • To travel in this big new environment, a new vehicle is at your disposal. A easy to control wind powered surf that goes on snow and sand. That will give the players a distraction by allowing them to slalom or drift around hills while going to the indicated point. 
  • You will be the one engaging combat, when encountering enemies the fight won’t start until you charge first.
  • The trusty robot ‘Jack’ returns to the game in the campaign mode, he has multiple abilities on the battlefield, he is not only a door opener. Jack can be upgraded with earned points, upgrading him will give him the power to stun enemies, give you a faster recharge or increase the range boost by 50% on certain items like flash grenades.
  • The possibility to customise your character by changing your outfit, putting a new skin to your weapon or by unlocking new expressions a bit like celebrations in Fortnite.


Gears of war will have crossplay enable by default meaning that Xbox and PC players can players against each other or together. Gears Of War 5 looks very promising, audio and graphism has been improved, new game mode are available and the new story should be linked with characters from previous episodes that made the glory of Gears Of War, we at TakeOff are looking forward to play the game!



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