Batman 80th Anniversary and Takeoff



May 1939, Detective Comics fans are patiently waiting to buy for 10 cents the 27th edition of the comic book and they’re going to get their value for their money. The 27th edition reveal the adventure of a new character call ‘Batman’. Bob Kane one of DC’s cartoonist come up with the idea of a superhero with bat wings, but if the first drawings come from Bob another man is very important in the creation of ‘Batman’. Bob Kane decided to talk about his idea to a friend call Bill Finger, Bill was very interested by the character and proposed his point of view, he decided to change the color of the costume from red to grey for instance. Even if in the first Detective Comics we can see written ‘Batman created by Bob Kane’, it is clear that Bill had a huge effect on the success of Batman. Kane even admitted that the names of Bruce Wayne and Gotham are from Bill.


We at TakeOff especially want to celebrate Batman’s anniversary, through the years we have have been lucky enough to collaborate with Warner Bros Games on numerous projects related to Batman.

First of all in 2010 for the release of Batman Arkham City, we made an impressive advertising. We make it happen and delivered a 6’7 feet tall and 2’6 wide Batman to be display. An object that has had its effect and is durable for a successful game.

In 2013 our mission was to propose a breathtaking press kit for the release of Batman Arkham Origins and we did it! We made Batman: Arkham Origins stand out, by sending to journalist a personalised, branded wooden box which, when opened, revealed a large replica batarang complete with high-definition screen and speakers on the front. The batarang player official trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins and was complemented by a printed booklet with further information. A USB port on the batarang allowed press to transfer game assets to their computers, an enclosed stand meant the batarang could also be put on display. The press kit itself became the story amongst many leading gaming publications.

In 2015, we produced another press kit for the release of Batman Arkham Knight video game. This time the press kit included:

  • A black and red cardboard box embedded Wayne Tech
  • A Batman Arkham Knight pen
  • A USB key clipped into the pen with the assets inside
  • An artbook

DC Comics and Fortnite

To also celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman DC Comics and Fortnite are collaborating until October 6th to launch a temporary event where players will discover in game the famous Gotham City and will have the possibility to try some of the most iconic gadgets such as the explosif batarang. Last but not least a DLC is available at €19,99 that contains Batman’s classic outfit, a bat cap, a Batman pickaxe and a Batwing planer.

Batman’s success does not seem to be running out of steam, for the 80th anniversary of Batman, on the night of September 21st Warner Bros Games Montreal projected Batman’s logo on a building and then posted a short video on their social media. The video is not devoid of any intention since on several occasions the video shows different logos strongly resembling the secret society of the Owl Court. So should we probably expect a new Batman game?



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